School District Beliefs, Mission, Vision, and Goals


We believe the Humphreys County School System should be a place where students:

  • Feel they are safe
  • Know the administrators, teachers and parents are interested in their success
  • Have access to technologies comparable to real world employment or continuing education
  • Are motivated by highly effective staff to reach their greatest potential
  • Receive quality instruction which includes resources beyond the classroom
  • Develop the confidence, character and coping skills necessary to function in a diverse society
  • Are exposed to meaningful experiences that promote a desire for active and lifelong learning
  • Will develop the skills and ethics necessary to enter the work force or continue formal education


The Humphreys county School System will provide a safe and challenging learning environment conducive to the development of students who complete their secondary education ready for college or a career


It’s the little things that make big things happen.


Goal 1: To improve academic achievement and growth for all students

Goal 2: To graduate all students college or career ready

Goal 3: To provide students and staff with technology that allows them to succeed

Goal 4: To provide a safe, modern learning environment

Goal 5: To attract and retain high quality teachers, administrators and support staff

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